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InnovaPharm Zinc + Copper

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The ratio of copper to zinc is clinically more important than the concentration of either trace metal. The ratio of copper to zinc, rather than the absolute amount of copper or zinc in the body, makes it possible for enzymes to function properly.


Intense exercise increases the body’s micronutrient demands. Deficiencies in key minerals like zinc and copper also become more common with aging, which can impair recovery as well as subsequent performance. In addition to supporting immunity, zinc is an essential component of superoxide dismutase, one of the body’s most powerful antioxidants. It also supports cardiovascular and neurological health as well as vision.

  • Optimal Zinc + Copper balance*
  • Bolsters immunity*
  • Added antioxidant support*
  • Safe for men and women*
  • Albion® chelated minerals for greater bioavailability*