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Beverly UMP

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Experience the irresistible appeal of Beverly UMP, the ultimate "gateway" protein supplement that will leave you hooked from the very first taste. With its unique blend of ultra-premium milk proteins, UMP provides a naturally balanced formula that stays with your muscles and satisfies your appetite for hours. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications and times of use, including breakfast, post-workout recovery, meal replacement, or even as a satisfying nighttime snack.

Benefits of Beverly UMP:

  1. Recovery: UMP supports muscle recovery, helping you bounce back faster and get ready for your next intense workout session.

  2. Muscle Building & Preservation: With its high-quality protein blend, UMP promotes muscle growth and helps maintain your hard-earned muscle mass.

  3. Fat Loss: In addition to its primary benefits for muscle support, UMP also contributes to fat loss. Its protein content promotes meal satiety, reducing the tendency to overeat, and it enhances thermogenesis, the body's natural calorie-burning process.

Why People Love Beverly UMP:

  • Rich, Satisfying Flavors: Indulge in the delicious taste and creamy mouthfeel of UMP, making it a true treat to enjoy.

  • Stomach-Friendly: UMP is easy to digest, eliminating the discomfort of gas or bloating that can be associated with other protein powders.

  • Prolonged Muscle Building Support: Many customers report that UMP stays with their muscles and keeps them satisfied for longer compared to other protein powders. This can be attributed to its naturally balanced blend of proteins, including sustained release casein and fast-acting whey, which mirrors the composition found naturally in milk.

  • Low in Carbs and Sugar: UMP is designed to support your fitness goals without unnecessary carbohydrates and added sugars.

How to Choose between Beverly UMP and other Beverly Proteins:

Choose UMP if:

  • You want a protein supplement that can be used at any time of day or as a meal replacement.
  • You are new to using protein supplements and looking for a starting point.

Small Changes, Big Results!

If you're new to supplements, incorporating a Beverly protein powder into your daily diet and exercise routine is a simple yet impactful change. This small step can help you build, tone, and shape your body in a significant way.

Secrets to Success:

  • As a general guideline, take approximately 1 scoop of UMP for every 50 pounds of body weight daily. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds, you would take around 4 scoops daily.

  • Optimal times to enjoy UMP are mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and before bed. Additionally, it is recommended to consume at least 1 scoop immediately after your workout (some individuals seeking muscle size may take 2 scoops post-workout).

  • When traveling, simply place 1-2 scoops of UMP in a Ziploc bag or shaker bottle. When it's time for a shake, just add water for a convenient and nourishing on-the-go option.

Savor the delectable taste and benefits of Beverly UMP, and discover how this protein supplement can support your fitness journey with its unique blend of high-quality proteins and satisfying flavors.

Please note: While Beverly UMP is designed to enhance your fitness and wellness goals, it is important to incorporate it into a balanced diet and exercise routine. Consult with a healthcare professional or registered dietitian for personalized recommendations based on your specific needs and dietary requirements.