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Alpha Lion Superhuman Post

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At Alpha Lion, we're committed to delivering the most effective performance-enhancing products that help you maximize every moment of your fitness journey.

We present Superhuman Post, a product specifically formulated to address your body's needs following an intense workout. Utilizing optimal doses of three anabolic nutrients essential for muscle growth, Superhuman Post provides the perfect recovery blend.

Plus, with added Astragin for maximum absorption and essential electrolytes for added muscle gains, Superhuman Post becomes an unbeatable post-workout supplement.

Harness the Power of Leucine

As a major player in muscle growth, Leucine is an amino acid that counteracts protein degradation caused by vigorous exercise. It activates the mTOR pathway, a nutrient-sensing molecule that, when activated, signals your body to build muscle. Post-workout, Leucine consumption has been shown to increase mTOR activity, which can boost muscle protein synthesis significantly. This increase can last for several hours, ensuring that your body continues to build muscle long after you've finished your workout. Superhuman Post uses Leucine's muscle-building properties to the fullest, making it a critical component of our formula.

Maximize Muscle Volume with Betaine

Betaine is a unique ingredient that encourages cellular water retention via osmosis, thereby boosting muscle volume. This cell swelling process stimulates protein synthesis and decreases protein breakdown, promoting muscle growth. Besides this, Betaine serves as a methyl group donor, increasing creatine production. This process improves insulin sensitivity and increases creatine uptake into muscle cells, giving you strength gains in key exercises such as bench press and squat. Superhuman Post harnesses the muscle-building capabilities of Betaine, contributing to a more voluminous and full muscular look after your workout.

Unlock Strength Gains with Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate, a staple in the world of muscle-building supplements, is known for its positive influence on high-intensity exercise performance and its ability to stimulate muscle growth. Superhuman Post employs 5 grams of superior form Creapure™ Creatine Monohydrate to further accelerate muscle gains. By functioning as a primary energy storage molecule, creatine rapidly reverses the energy depletion in muscle cells during contractions. This energy maintenance allows for prolonged muscular contraction, promoting superior exercise performance, and greater muscle growth. Moreover, creatine also triggers an increase in muscle protein synthesis, contributing to overall muscle growth.

Optimized with Astragin and Essential Electrolytes

Superhuman Post is turbocharged with Astragin, a natural compound known to enhance nutrient absorption. This ensures that all the potent ingredients in Superhuman Post are optimally absorbed and utilized by your body. Additionally, our formula includes vital electrolytes - calcium, potassium, and sodium. These elements aid in maintaining hydration, muscular function, and aid in achieving more muscle gains.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Post: Your Post-Workout Powerhouse

Every workout pushes your body to its limits, and it's what comes after – the recovery – that determines how much your muscles will grow. Superhuman Post is meticulously designed to maximize this crucial post-workout period. With scientifically backed ingredients delivered in optimal doses, this supplement fuels your body with exactly what it needs to grow stronger after every workout. Whether you're an experienced lifter looking to break through plateaus or a beginner eager to see rapid progress, Superhuman Post offers the post-workout support your muscles need to grow bigger, stronger, and more defined.