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Unbound GBB

by Unbound
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  • Known as Super Carnitine
  • Maximal Sweat Catalyst
  • Supports Fat Burning & Thermogenesis
  • Support Breakdown of Fatty Acids
  • Supports Nitric Oxide production for improved blood flow

Warning GBB is not your average fat burner. It's stim-free fire in a bottle. If you want to maximize sweating and thermogenesis, then drop a capsule and get ready for the heat.

Commonly referred to as “super carnitine,” GBB (gamma-butyrobetaine) is a carnitine precursor known to significantly increase carnitine levels in humans. Carnitine Supports greater fat burning, and anecdotally produces an intense thermogenic sensation. GBB is a sweat amplifier that causes exothermic heat production. GBB also supports greater utilization and storage of carnitine, aiding the body’s natural ability to mobilize and burn fatty acids for energy.

GBB can be stacked with many standalone fat burning ingredients, thermogenics and pre-workouts. Try it along with UNBOUND Grains of Paradise for the ultimate shredding experience.