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Rule1 Gain

by RULE 1
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With 50g of protein from a whey isolate-led blend and 75g energy-packed carbs, R1 Gain™ doesn't just help you add weight, it supports quality size accumulation. Unlike heavyweight mass gainers that concentrate on total calories, Gain has fewer carbs, fewer sugars, and more protein, making it the right choice if you are looking to build on a well-established foundation.

Protein-Packed Calories

R1 Gain™ is packed with high-quality calories and all-whey protein, primarily from whey isolate sources. Plus, the simple and complex carbs help refuel glycogen stores after workouts.

  • 530 calories
  • 50g all-whey protein with whey isolate as the primary protein source
  • 75g complex carb blend
  • Packed with BCAAs and other key amino acids

We have also eliminated a few unneccessary ingredients:

  • ZERO Creamers
  • ZERO Gums
  • ZERO Amino Spiking
  • ZERO Soy Protein
  • ZERO Banned Substances