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Phase One Lean Phase

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LEAN PHASE® is a POWER PACKED pill that provides you with an all day focused energy! Not only will it increase your energy levels, but it will also help increase your metabolism while cutting the appetite and cravings!


Lean Phase capsules are designed to help you focus throughout your exercises and enhance your energy levels by assisting the body in burning calories to deliver energy.


Lean Phase increases the speed of losing weight and boosts metabolism. The green tea extract supports metabolic rate to help burn fat, and the green coffee bean extract supports glucose metabolism. It combines all the ingredients that support metabolism by turning stored fat into energy.


When used as prescribed, Lean Phase can help protect your muscles from the reverse effects of dieting and exercise; when on a low-calorie diet, combining Lean Phase with a daily workout can help you lose fat rather than muscle. It improves blood flow to the muscles, lowering oxidative stress and reducing muscular damage during and after a high-intensity workout.