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PES Select Protein Bar - Box of 6 - Fudge Brownie

by PES
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Select Protein Bars are protein-packed with 15g per bar, with only 1g sugar. These bars are irresistibly soft in texture, while using only whey and casein proteins. No gelatin or collagen. The perfect on the go snack or late night snack to curb those sweet tooth cravings.


Taste & Texture

Expect nothing less than the best from us when it comes to taste and texture. Select Bars are soft and chewy, preventing your jaw from getting a workout, while actually tasting delicious so your sweet tooth cravings are satisfied! Plan to enjoy a guilt-free treat every day.

Slower Digestion

Protein bars are most often consumed as a snack, and to make a snack be the best bang for the buck you don't want a 100% fast-digesting bar. Select Bars use a combination of fast & slow digesting protein, plus a few grams of fiber to satisfy your sweet tooth and your hunger.

Honest Labeling

False labeling is something that has plagued the protein bar space, from falsely labeling fibers that aren't actually fiber, to using things like gelatin as a protein source. You can trust in the Select Bar to know what is on the label, is what you're actually getting.