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Nutrabio Extreme Joint Care

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  • Promotes mobility & renews cartilage.*
  • Maintains healthy connective tissue.*
  • Helps revitalize your joints.*
  • With patented active ingredients!

Extreme Joint Care is a full joint and musculoskeletal support matrix containing clinically validated patented ingredients that support overall joint health, cartilage, function and mobility. Take a close look at the fully transparent label and you will find:

  • 1500mg D-Glucosamine SulfateĀ - A natural component in the growth, repair, and maintenance of cartilage.
  • 540mg Chondroitin SulfateĀ - Forms the structural framework of collagen.
  • 442mg GelatinĀ ā€“ In athletes shown to support joint health.
  • 500mg Opti-MSMĀ®Ā - Plays a role in maintaining the cushion between joints to support mobility and healthy cartilage.
  • 200mg MerivaĀ®Ā Curcumin PhytosomeĀ - Supported by 22 clinical trials demonstrating effectiveness for joint health, and healthy
  • 200mg KollaGen II-xsā„¢Ā - The unique combination of natural nutrients found in kollaGen II-xsā„¢ have been scientifically proven effective for joint health and flexibility.
  • 100mg ApresFlexĀ®Ā - Suports joint comfort, function and mobility.
  • 100mg Hyaluronic AcidĀ - Supports cushioning and lubricating areas such as tendons, joints and muscles.
  • 5mg BioperineĀ - Enhance absorption of the active ingredients in Extreme Joint Care leading to higher bioavailability.
  • 3mg BoronĀ - Used by the body to build bones, improve the absorption of calcium, and for building and repairing joint cartilage.

Extreme Joint Care is in a classification of its own. A true joint support formula from the most trusted and innovative name in sports nutrition, NutraBio, who believes in using only the most efficacious, clinically dosed, and research backed ingredients on the market without all the fluff.Ā Ā Extreme Joint CareĀ contain no proprietary blends, fillers, excipients, chemicals, or any other harmful or unneeded additives. Only ingredients shown by science to work and produce results. No corners were cut in makingĀ Extreme Joint Care. It covers all the bases to promote optimal joint health and support your fitness goals.