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Bucked Up IV

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Everyday dehydration sneaks in to rob you of productivity and achievement. Dehydration is linked to such common obstacles as: (1) sugar cravings, (2) decreased muscle contractile function & force, (3) appetite loss, (4) mental fatigue, (5) bloated water retention, and worst of all, (6) feeling flat and forever missing out on that selfie-worthy, esteem-boosting PUMP. 

These obstacles sneak up on you because our bodies are made up of almost 70% water, but don’t worry, because…

Bucked Up IV is a delicious electrolyte drink powder innovated for advanced hydration. This formula was uniquely engineered to help you hydrate faster and more efficiently than drinking mere water alone. 

Punch goal-draining dehydration right in its thieving metaphorical face and reclaim your day with Bucked Up IV.