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Atomic Inferno

by Atomic
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  • Inferno Advanced thermogenic fat burner contains all natural ingredients, scientifically proven to:

    • Increase Your Metabolic Rate
    • Provide Steady Energy & Focus
    • Suppress your appetite
    • Oxidize fat

    Inferno's formula comes with no crash, no jitters and scientifically proven ingredients to shred fat. Inferno provides an amazing, smooth, steady energy, with intense mental focus and clarity, for people who need to get stuff done.

    Want to learn more about the science behind Inferno’s clinical formula? Click Here to read the full white paper.

  • The secret behind Inferno’s rapid fat loss formula is its ability to effectively stimulate thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the process of heating up of the body, increasing metabolism, digestion and many other internal mechanisms.  

    Clinical studies have proven that by increasing your core temperature and effectively increasing your metabolic rate, your body is able to burn more calories in less time. Inferno simulates a state that feels similar to running on a treadmill - providing you with increased metabolism while you work, walk and go through daily life.


    Caffeine - A tried and tested supplement that improves fat oxidation, elevates energy and improves overall force production.

    White Willow Bark - WWB works similar to an aspirin, reducing the production of thromboxane, a chemical that makes platelets sticky. This in turn can help promote blood flow, oxygenating muscles throughout the body.

    Theobromine A powerful diuretic and blood thinner Theobromine can help push more oxygenated blood around the body and assist in weight loss and thermogenesis.

    Synephrine Similar and slightly less potent than Ephedrine, Synephrine is commonly referred to as “Bitter Orange” and is used to promote weight loss and thermogenesis.

    Cayenne Powder The main ingredient in Cayenne pepper, Capsaicin (chemical responsible for the spiciness of peppers) has the potential to increase metabolism, boost energy and weight loss.

  • Take 1 capsule in the morning with meal and 1 capsule after lunch. 
    *Do not exceed 4 capsules daily.