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5% Nutrition Digestive Defender

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Digestive Defender is a combination of Probio-75 and Digest-Ten


SL14™ Probiotics Blend - 75 Billion CFU (187.5mg)
A good probiotic formula is all about healthy bacteria. Probiotics support digestion, enhance the absorption of nutrients, and help prevent gastrointestinal problems.

Prebiotic Blend
Fructooligosaccharides (Nutraflora FB P-95) - 400 mg - This ingredient provides at least 95% of pure short-chain fructose called fructooligosaccharides, also known as "FOS", a type of carbohydrate known as oligosaccharides. These chains are non-digestible prebiotic fibers that pass through the small intestine and support healthy bacteria in your digestive tract.

Xylooligosaccharide (PreticX)  400mg - is a non-digestible xylooligosaccharide or "XOS" which has been clinically studied to help intestinal regularity and increase counts of bifidobacteria in the colon. This supports gut health and normal metabolism.

Gut Health Blend
This powerful blend consists of three effective ingredients:

  • Ginger Root Extract  50mg
  • Licorice Root Extract 4:1  50mg
  • Peppermint Powder  25mg


This outstanding product is a full spectrum digestive enzyme complex. Diges-TEN features full disclosure labeling and exceptional dosing. This formula packs 7 blends including:

Dynamic Digestion Blend:

  • Betaine Hydrochloride  100mg
  • Ox Bile  100mg

Protein Breakdown Blend
This powerful blend of four digestive enzymes optimizes protein digestion and we know protein is key for bodybuilders, powerlifters, and anyone else who trains hard. Let’s look at what makes up this impressive blend:

  • Protease (13,478 HUT)  152mg
  • Bromelain (360 GDU)  150mg
  • Pancreatin (1,625 USP)  65mg
  • Papain (3.25 TU)  65mg

Carbohydrate Breakdown
Of course, there’s more to a hardcore diet than protein—we need quality carbohydrates and healthy fats. Slower-absorbing carbs should be your primary intake but we also need simple carbs for just before your workout. That means you need optimal digestion of those carbs.

  • Amylase (9,31 DU)  108mg

Fat Breakdown
Healthy fats have a variety of roles in the body. While you want to avoid some fats, you also want to consume healthy fats such as nuts, cheese, and fatty fish. You’ll want the most efficient digestion possible to get the maximum benefits from your intake of it.

  • Lipase (348 FIP)  70mg

Fiber Breakdown
High-fiber foods are more filling to help keep you satiated longer. We’ve included an enzyme to help digest fiber.

  • Cellulase (130 CU) – 26mg

Milk Sugar (Lactose) Breakdown
Many people love dairy products yet can’t digest lactose, the sugar commonly found in such foods as milk or yogurt. This causes many people to avoid dairy products altogether.

  • Lactase (174 ALU)  43mg
  • Digest Best Blend – 190mg